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Stone Build Ltd provides solutions in natural stone and composite alike.

Our technical knowledge is exhibited in the casting of architectural units for use in facades and cladding systems, carving of natural stone, installation and repair of all types of stone/ masonry structures.

Beyond that, our supply chain for natural stone used for various projects is extensive and internationally far-reaching; ensuring that you have the best selection of products available at competitive rates.

Bryan Stralow

Bryan is a well-trained stonemason that has over twenty years of site experience. His expertise in stonemasonry and casting of architectural products is brought to the forefront as Stone Build Ltd's Business Manager.

He is a consummate stone trade professional and an exceptionally experienced project manager who has worked within design, sales and operations positions for medium to large contractors in civil and commercial construction.

Bryan's knowledge of natural stone, understanding of construction management and building processes, in combination with his knowledge about casting in both dry and wet forms, enables StoneBuild to be better positioned to aptly provide for your project.
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