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Need to fix pool paving for Summer?

Summer is coming… get your Pool Paving and Coping looked at by StoneBuild


Do you have a swimming pool that requires attention? Do you have flooding or pooling of water? Efflorescence and salt build up?

The paving and tiling featured around swimming pools are an integral part of keeping the area safe and attractive for many years to come.

Whether it is a new project or an existing pool that requires repair, swimming pools and their surrounds need to be installed, maintained and repaired properly to assure safety and a well finished project.

Making sure that the correct initial installation of paving and tiling is key but you do need to keep in mind other very important factors such as drainage and trip/ slip hazards.

Here are some of our previous supply, install and repair works for pool surrounds.


See how StoneBuild can help you with a new project or an old pool that requires attention.