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Beautiful, Composite Engineered Benchtops for Kitchens, Vanities and Entertainment Areas

The Pros and Cons of Natural Stone vs Engineered Stone Benchtops and Vanities

tarintine-benchtop-auckland-engineered-stoneEngineered Stone has opened many doors that Natural Stone could not. Being a customisable material that allows for longer spans and larger dimensions, composite materials which are composed of resins and other binding agents such as cements, aggregates and fibres, can often perform better than its natural stone equivalents.

Our engineered stone solutions include benchtops and vanity units for kitchens and bathrooms, wall and floor tiles, stone furniture and accessories.

However, this does not take away many of the advantages of natural stone.

Natural Stone, when specified and used properly, can often last longer due to being formed over many millions of years. It also can be repaired easier and therefore has more chance of being able to last longer. Repairs on composites can look very different due to the uniformity of its finish. The variations in natural stones such as marble, quartz and onyx can help to mask any repairs, chips or cracks that appear during its service life.


StoneBuild can help to provide our Engineered Stone Services for your home build, renovation or redesign project.