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Rip-up and Re-lay Brick Paving in Wellington

Brick Paving Rip-up, Re-Lay, House Restoration and Repair

When your building, driveways, pathways and external brick paving surfaces are affected by movement caused by drainage issues, tree roots and scour (loss of bedding or foundation material), the matter becomes problematic for foot access, vehicle traffic and, in the case of building structures, mould issues and other water-borne concerns.
Before brick repair and restoration…
…and after brick restoration…
Our services offered in regard to the repair of external paving areas includes…
… sub-base repair, re-bedding of pavers and coping stones, haunching of external paved areas to secure the paved section.
This driveway had been laid directly on soil with a majority of the surface being affected by tree roots which needed to be removed.
All 330m^2 of paved driveway was removed including the heritage listed radial positioned in the middle of the main area.
All paved areas on driveways should really be installed on a concrete base. This will help to prevent any movement and provide for a longer serving driveway for many years to come.

To help compliment the newly restored paving area, we also installed the front fence with 12V low-voltage