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monuments & headstones

Stone Build provide services relating to monumental installations, design and supply of headstones and grave markers, including specialised hand-cut inscriptions and also maintenance of gravesites.

Our experience also extends into commissions for public spaces, war memorials and other monumental structures.

headstone supply

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StoneBuild's selection of headstones made from granite, marble and others, help to give you a great way to commemorate your loved ones and their lives.

With a range of styles and finishes available, we can assist you in designing your piece all the way through to installation and maintenance.

monument inscription

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Having the ability to provide various inscription styles, StoneBuild offer a complete service for inscribing headstones and monuments of all descriptions.

We also provide custom inscription pieces for your home and garden, work and events such as weddings and other celebrations.

headstone maintenance and repair

StoneBuild, through the utilsation of our stone restoration expertise, can help to repair and maintain headstones and grave sites.

Our maintenance service also includes re-polishing marble and granite stones, lichen removal, letter gilding and painting, lead letter replacement, crack repair and replacement of ornaments, urns and photographs.