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headstone inscriptions and accessories

Stone Build are capable at carrying out various types of inscriptions that are commonly used for headstones and monuments.

Stone Build inscribe many different types of inscriptions and can provide many different gravesite accessories including;

  • Flush cut or Inlaid Lead
  • Raised Lead
  • Painted Lettering
  • Gold (Leaf) Gilding
  • Re-gilding
  • Lettering Restoration and repair
  • Natural, Sandblasted
  • Handcarved V-Cut
  • Brass Plaques
  • Brass Urns
  • Stone Plaques
  • Stone Vases and Books
  • Porcelain Photos
  • Photo-realistic etching
  • Stone Candelabras and Niches
  •  gold-leaf-lettering-granite-auckland

    Gold Gilding, VCut on Granite

  •  marble-headstone-lead-lettering-auckland

    Flush Lead Lettering on Marble

  •  handcarved-vcut-sandstone-headstone

    Handcarved Painted VCut on Sandstone

  •  anzac-memorial-sandstone-vcut-lettering

    Anzac Court, Painted VCut on Sandstone

  •  anzac-monument-sandstone-inscription-painted

    Memorial Walk, Painted VCut on Sandstone

  •  painted-sandblasted-lettering-auckland

    Natural Lettering, painted

  •  carved-granite-headstone-auckland

    Granite Carving on Headstone

  •  granite-stone-niche-memorial-auckland

    Granite Niches, Porcelain Photo and Gold Gild

  •  marble-custom-design-headstone-auckland

    Celtic Design, Marble with Inlaid Lead