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natural stone


Commonly used for bench tops, wall and floor tiling, headstones and monuments amongst other applications, and with classical colouration that ranges from whites, creams, blacks and browns, see more for StoneBuild's comprehensive selection of available marble.


StoneBuild's range of granites is impressive to say the least. As with most granites available, our range incorporates tones of black, grey, brown, red, blue, yellow and white.

Hardwearing, classical and generally more cost effective than its igneous relative (marble), granite is hard to beat.


Sandstone is a stone that is sedimentary by nature. This means that as a result of millions of years of pressure, fine sediments are cemented into solid stone formation.

StoneBuild's Sandstone range includes some beautiful pieces that will accent many of today's contemporary homes and architectural designs.


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Travertine is a stone, sedimentary/ metamorphic in formation, that is very similar to marble.

Although it is similar, it differs in the available colours and hardness of stone; being more scratch resistant and therefore more durable which enables its use for external areas that are exposed to the weather.


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Basalt, also known as Bluestone, is an igneous stone/ rock in formation that is very durable, acid and fire resistant.

In tones of blue, grey, green and black, Basalt is a very versatile stone which can provide assurances as to design life, even in extreme environments.