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Basalt or Bluestone is an igneous (volcanic) stone formed through eruptions and lava flows. Basalt is available in a broad range of colours which are usually of a blue, black, green and grey colour. Basalt is extremely durable, acid resistant and provides excellent thermal retention.

Stone Build supply many different colours of Basalt for use with;

  • Floor Tiling
  • Wall Tiling
  • Monuments and Headstones
  • Stone Furniture
  • Architectural Cladding including bricks and blocks
  • Paving
  • Exteriors - Alfresco Dining, Pool Surrounds and Landscapes
  • Interiors - Kitchens, Bathrooms, Walls and Floors
  • Sculptures, Stone Signs and Artworks

basalt selection

Note: Images show range of surface finishes, contact StoneBuild for further information. Subject to availability.
  •  bluestone-basalt-wall-tile-auckland

    Bluestone Wall Tiles

  •  basalt-bluestone-bricks-blocks-auckland

    Basalt Bricks and Blocks

  •  bluestone-wall-cladding-stonebuild

    Wall Cladding, Bluestone

  •  basalt-bricks-wall-blocks-auckland

    Basalt Bricks and Blocks

  •  terrace-renovation-bluestone-basalt-tiles

    Entrance Renovation

  •  auckland-verandah-tiling-bluestone-supply

    Verandah Tiling