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Marble is the aristocrat of all stones. Due to its density, colour and durability, Marble is traditionally known as the best natural stone in the world. Remaining true with this sentiment, StoneBuild's product selection and supply chain is world class. Our marble selection is available in a broad range of colours and aesthetic appeal.

StoneBuild supply many different colours of Marble for use with;

  • Kitchen Benchtops
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Splashbacks
  • Floor Tiling
  • Wall Tiling
  • Monuments and Headstones
  • Stone Furniture
  • Architectural Cladding
  • Sculptures and Artworks

marble selection

Note: All images show polished finish. There are also stones such as limestone and onyx indicated. Subject to availability.
  •  chinese-carrara-marble-new-zealand

    Chinese Carrara

  •  statuario-white-marble-new-zealand

    Statuario White

  •  white-wood-marble-new-zealand

    White Wood

  •  italian-carrara-white-new-zealand

    Italian Carrara

  •  guangxi-white-marble-new-zealand

    Guangxi White

  •  oriental-white-marble-new-zealand

    Oriental White

  •  thassos-white-marble-new-zealand

    Thassos White

  •  cappuccino-cream-marble-new-zealand


  •  red-cream-marble-new-zealand

    Red Crema

  •  honey-onyx-yellow-new-zealand

    Honey Onyx

  •  yellow-gold-marble-new-zealand

    Yellow Gold

  •  light-emperador-marble-new-zealand

    Light Emperador

  •  sunny-beige-marble-new-zealand

    Sunny Beige

  •  yellow-wood-marble-new-zealand

    Yellow Wood

  •  black-marquina-marble-new-zealand

    Nero Marquina

  •  dark-emperador-marble-new-zealand

    Dark Emperador

  •  golden-potoro-marble-new-zealand

    Golden Potoro

  •  coffee-wood-marble-new-zealand

    Coffee Wood

  •  brown-tiny-marble-new-zealand

    Brown Tiny

  •  regal-grey-marble-new-zealand

    Regal Grey

  •  chinese-dark-emperador-new-zealand

    Chinese Dark Emperador

  •  black-forest-marble-new-zealand

    Black Forest

  •  roman-grey-marble-new-zealand

    Roman Grey

  •  golden-jade-marble-new-zealand

    Golden Jade

  •  grey-wood-marble-new-zealand

    Grey Wood

  •  cinderella-grey-marble-new-zealand

    Cinderella Grey

  •  bosy-grey-marble-new-zealand

    Bosy Grey

  •  blue-lime-stone-new-zealand

    Blue Limestone

  •  silver-dragon-marble-new-zealand

    Silver Dragon

  •  dark-jade-marble-new-zealand

    Dark Jade

  •  coral-red-marble-new-zealand

    Coral Red

  •  indian-green-marble-new-zealand

    Indian Green

  •  dandong-green-marble-new-zealand

    Dandong Green